Treat your feet!

With most of us already back at work, it’s a good time to think about giving your feet a little treat. Your feet contain nearly one quarter of all the bones of your body, and every time you take a step, you put one and a half times your body weight in pressure through your foot.  During the warmer weather, puffiness, dry skin and cracked feet can all contribute to discomfort.

At Footrix Podiatry, we have range of products and services which provide the best in foot health and comfort. We stock a range of products which will relieve dry skin, cracked heels or just help your skin to heal and rejuvenate. All from only $14.

We also sell a range of shoes, like Vionic and Frankie4 which work overtime to support the foot, align it correctly, and cushion each step. And unlike the orthotic shoes of yesteryear, these brands look as good as they feel. From as little as $50, these shoes will keep your feet both cool and comfortable.

And if your feet are still aching, consider treating yourself to one of our quality services. We can help you with your cracked heels and also gently trim your toenails for you.

Let us help you beat the heat and keep you on your feet.