High shoe blues

With peak wedding season coming up, lots of us are involved in choosing outfits and shoes for the big day. We always tell our patients that it’s best to only wear high heeled shoes on special occasions, and a wedding is certainly one of those. While we’ve talked before about the golden rules of shoe shopping, but there’s some special rules for when you’re choosing high heels:

  • Try to avoid super high heels. Often a lower heel will achieve the same look. 
  • Choose shoes which give some cushioning underneath the ball of the foot. This will be more comfortable and help stop that dreaded 'burn'.
  • Buy a shoe with a chunkier heel, or a wedge. This will create greater stability by distributing your body weight more evenly. 
  •  Select a style which creates a good connection between your foot and the shoe - avoid thin straps or mule styles, which are unstable and difficult to walk in. 
  • Choose a shoe which allows your toes to be in their natural position. This will also help you to walk more naturally and be more comfortable to dance the night away.

Our Frankie4 range of shoes are the perfect blend of comfort, fashion and quality construction. We like the range so much, it’s what we choose to wear for our own special occasions. Come in and check out the range - we’d love to help you find a special shoe that will help to keep you on your feet.