Women's foot health

OK, lets talk about feet……..How many of us are guilty of shoving your foot into sneakers that are a bit too small?? Or narrow stilettos for an event, and felt like your ball of the foot was on fire and blistering at the toes??

There’s a lot going on in your feet: bones, ligaments, tendons. And causes of foot pain can range from injury and inflammation to structural issues or having your feet in an unusual position. Not all foot pain is serious, but you should never ignore any aches or pains.

Common conditions that women tend to present with are plantar fasciitis, bunions and Morton’s neuromas, all of which can be treated by your Podiatrist and education as to why these are occurring for you will also be given. From experience, footwear plays a big role with foot pain and unfortunately too many of us are just not aware of the type of footwear that is best for our feet.

Here at Footrix Podiatry we stock a range of footwear known as FRANKIE4. All of the FRANKIE4 range are designed by a Podiatrist & Physiotherapist to provide a great foundation for standing and walking. FRANKIE4 also offer a range of orthotic friendly shoes that you can slip your own orthotics into and these shoes are pretty cute too!

Footrix Podiatry also offers general treatments for nails, corns and callous- perfect for this Spring and Summer weather that is on our doorstep, so do yourselves and your feet a favour and book in for a general check-up and whilst you are here, check out our range FRANKIE4.

We pride ourselves in keeping people on their feet.